Table of Contents

  1. User Manual

    This document contains a global manual for SoftFab users. SoftFab users typically execute jobs (tasks) and view the results. They will probably also create configurations for jobs they frequently run and perhaps schedules to automatically start jobs.

    Note that this manual is not going into too much detail since the UI may vary a little from release to release. But this global explanation is enough to get started. Most details are more or less self-explanatory.

  2. CM-triggered Build and Test

    In a Continuous Integration (CI) development process, as used in Agile and DevOps environments, the build and tests are kicked off on a change in the Configuration Management (CM) system. To do so the CM system should trigger a SoftFab schedule which fires, in its turn, a specified configuration.

  3. SoftFab API

    This document describes how the SoftFab API works.